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Inspired Substrates, Inspiring Beauty, Inspiring Creative Packaging, Inspiring Creativity, Inspiring Originality.

About Us.

For over 50 years UnifoiL Corporation has been the global leader in customised, plastic free, metalizing technology.

Our unique laminated substrates both protect a products integrity, whilst helping to define a brands unique visual equity.

The attached showreel is just a reflection of what Unifoil stands for. Passion and commitment in producing visually stunning and emotive surfaces. Inspiring the designer and Invigorating a brands on-shelf impact.

For over 50 years Unifoil has been the global leader in customized, plastic free, metallizing technology.

As part of your development team, we can bridge the gap between inspiration and technical reality – creating visual stunning products and packaging options.

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Inspired Substrates, Inspiring Beauty, Inspiring Creative Packaging.

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The broadest line of specialty substrates available anywhere

We are the world’s leading innovator in laminating, coating and metallizing technology. For over 50 years Unifoil commercial packaging company has specialized in meeting the dynamic needs in specialty packaging services and printing for the world’s largest brands. We have the product, the experience and the expertise to help transform your project or product — to grab the attention your brand deserves!

Holographic Unilustre®

Holographic Ultralustre®



Our Mission

At Unifoil, we have been environmentally conscious since business began. Our metallized substrates have been award winning countless times over the years. Within our product portfolio, patented Unilustre® and Ultralustre® are just two outstanding innovation examples that are credited to the skilled, committed and passionate research and development teams within the facility. Both surpass the aesthetics of traditional metalized polyester film lamination while eliminating the harsh impact this process has on the environment. Vapor deposition of aluminum is an insignificant .00000016 inch allowing these products to be recycled, reground or repulped. They’re non-laminated, film-free, foil-free, and made without solvents.

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