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About Us

About Us

Unifoil has the products, the vision, and the expertise

With over 50 years experience, our CEO/President Joe Funicelli developed Unifoil’s reputation as a technological leader in metallic transfer and film lamination. Unifoil continues to be at the forefront of break-through technology with environmentally sound substrates that provide stunning, surface impact to packaging design.

We believe that a brand requires the best possible packaging solution that ensures competitive edge and premium on-shelf presentation.

Unifoil’s ongoing strategy and commitment in providing ethical metallized solutions remains our company key focus – minimizing our manufacturing environmental impact which in turn maximizes our customer’s sustainable credentials.

In 2009, the Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL), awarded its first Sustainability Award to Unifoil Corporation for the Unilustre® technology

Collaborative, customized service

Bringing your ideas to life

At Unifoil, collaboration is at the heart of our customer service. Our R&D technicians develop custom formulations and respond to market needs with innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions. We work side-by-side with our customers responding to their specific needs and specifications. During the development process we can simulate real-time conditions to determine how products will perform during large scale manufacture. We understand the importance of working effectively within budget parameters whilst also adhering to the ever-important environmental legislative requirements.

We are the world’s leading specialty converter of paper board, synthetic paper, film, foil and metallized, holographic substrates

Inspired substrates, customized for you

Unifoil products are available in virtually any color and any finish and can be manufactured on substrates ranging from 25 lb paper/3 mil plastic to 38 point board or plastic and other specialty substrates. We can apply our products to paper, board, plastics or film and pressure sensitize any product we make.

You can select from precision-slit rolls, optically registered sheets or pressure sensitive formats with our branding package.

  • Unilustre® and Ultralustre® products are available with our DI coating for large format, digital printing.
  • Our precision technical efficiencies enable us to be a cost efficient provider of specialty, high-end packaging substrates.

Your dedicated development partner

Our specialists will work with you as an effective bolt-on to your project team. Providing decades of successful experience and technical advice. Whether it’s a custom substrate requirement for the production process or a specific visual surface effect to create a greater brand differentiation.

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