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What is Unilustre™️ ?

What is Unilustre™️ ? The eco-friendly solution for impactful packaging design. Our exclusive substrate portfolio delivers the visual impact of foil and film laminates without

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Unilustre® Lens

What is Unilustre® Lens? A new lens addition to our Unilustre portfolio that is perfect for bespoke, highly reflective, liquid mirror-type effects that create fully

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Swatch Wallets

Scroll through our range of environmentally friendly and impactful substrates at www.unifoil.com/swatches. Prefer to see and feel designs in person? Order your swatch wallet by contacting

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Charmed Trend

SPELLBOUND – MAGIC – HIGH ENERGY – MESMERIZING Product packaging that emulates magical lustre and holographic intrigue. Our Holo Unilustre® range perfectly coincides with our

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