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Charmed Trend


Product packaging that emulates magical lustre and holographic intrigue.

Our Holo Unilustre® range perfectly coincides with our exclusive CHARMED trend and has become a popular ‘go to’ for many of today’s holographic prints key category brands.

Our CHARMED trend is perfect for packaging an array of products:

✈️ Travel retail
🍾 Drinks
💄 Makeup & beauty

Our Holo Unilustre® range is:

🌱 Sustainable
♻️ 100%Recyclable
🏞️ Plastic-free
🦋 Repulpable metallized paper and board
🍃 Materials contribute to source reduction
🏡 Reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

Take inspiration from our 2025/26 UNIFUTURES Trends and SWITCH YOUR SILVER™️ to a sustainable alternative today!