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Solar Trend

Galactic – Powerful – Hypershine – Metaverse Explore a new universe with our SOLAR trend and take a journey into our packaging world. We are

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Heritage Trend

Embarking on a timeless journey with classical and nostalgic elements. Celebrating finishing skills and production techniques that have stood the test of time. Detailed embossing,

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Realm Trend

  Dive into the boundless world of creativity with our captivating REALM trend. Layering of transparent tones, combined with metallic accents. A journey of the

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Unifoil Calendar 2024

Unveiling the future with our 2024 Unifoil Calendar! Featuring the extraordinary Unilustre® Lens, we’re redefining the game in premium clarity, plastic-free, lens technology. We have

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Nature’s timeless beauty continues to inspire our exclusive 2024 ‘UNIFUTURES’ Trends Edits, with over five decades of environmental consciousness. Our surface trends inspire creative packaging

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